About Us

What We Are?

NATURAL CEMECO PRIVATE LIMITED is a new venture in the field of Cement and Concrete. Scientist Dr. Ram was a key member of scientific team involved in the invention and patenting of underlying ceramic technology in USA National Argonne laboratory. He was involved in development of these products at USA and bringing this technology to India. Presenting a completely path breaking and innovative technology in the field of construction materials by offering a superior alternative in comparison to the traditional forms of Portland cement and other construction and repair materials. We are passionate for providing ‘GO GREEN’ solutions to our society as we believe in making the world a better place to live and leaving a low carbon footprint for our future generations to come. At present one of our production plant is situated at Udaipur, Rajasthan. We also have a plant at Trichy, Tamilnadu.

We at Cemeco

Sustainable or “Green Construction Material” is a need to changing times to protect environment. We at CEMECO, are completely committed to make a green footprint in the field of construction materials by way of using industrial waste like Fly Ash and Steel Slag in our products. At CEMECO we are passionate to provide ‘GO GREEN’ solutions to our society. We strongly believe that every one should contribute in his own way in making the world a better place to live and we are all set to achieve this through new technology and regular improvement and innovation.

Meet Our Team.

Board Of Directors

Mr. Jai Shanker Rai


Mr. Deepak Parihar


Mr. Abhishek Sinha


Advisors And Core Team

Dr. Ram Kumar

Research & Developer

Mr. N V Raja

Technical Advisor
Advisors And Core Team
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Mr. Jai Narayan Rai

Marketing Head

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Mr. Rajesh R Chaudhary

Manager: Administration, Purchase, Technical and Marketing

We strive to be the best and produce high quality products.

Quick Setting

The presence of high quality ingredients and time tested theories makes the product consume a lot less time then oridinary building materials.

High strength

The high early strength quality of our building materials always made us win the race by providing high early and durable strength to various super structures.


Whole world is majorly facing global warming crisis and producing Eco-friendly products is a duty of all, we give our best to prove the same.