Geopolymer Based, Instant Setting & Curing Free Mortar

Repaid Repair of Bridges, Decks, Highways, Airport Runways, Adverse Conditions Concreting, Sub Zero Concreting etc.

Green Construction Material

Quick setting and High early compressive strength, Repair and rehabilitation/resurfacing of horizontal concrete surfaces.

Cement Plaster Admixture

Improves the fill performance of Portland cement based plaster by making the plaster feel lighter to apply and drag.

Curing Free Quick Setting Cement

Suitable for applications where speed, strength and durability.

Crack Filling Mortar (Quick Setting)

Crack filling up to 15 mm wide concrete, masonry and plaster surfaces.

Heat Refelctive Water Proof Tile Joint Grout(Unsanded)

Grouting of Floor Tiles, Roof Tiles, Terrace Tiles ( Waterproof & Heat Reflective)

Rapid Setting High Early Strength Anchoring Mortar

AG is a proprietary blend of powder with rapid setting properties

Self Leveling Mortar

SL is a proprietary blend of powders based on geopolymer

Self Leveling Overlayment / Underlayment

Rapidfloor is single component proprietary blend of powders